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Minerals exploration

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Geoplazma LLP Geological Scientific and Research Company provides scientific-production and laboratory-analytical services to subsoil users

Geology and Geophysics

Geoplazma LLP geologists rely on modern techniques of solid and widespread mineral deposits prospecting, involved in designing of prospecting and prospecting-appraisal works implementing required procedures for documents approval and expertise.



The sphere of activities of Geoplazma LLP Geology and Geophysics Department shall include the following types of services:

  • Compiling model contracts for procurement of subsoil use rights;

  • Designing of exploration works;

  • Geologic mapping of territories;

  • Regional geological studies associated with generalization of data for mining geology;

  • Field processing and reconnaissance and exploration works for ore and rock minerals;

  • Compiling geological reports including reserves estimates;

  • Scientific studies within the specially protected geological sites of national and local natural reserved fund;

  • Studying of material rock composition of the Proterozoic, Paleozoic, Mesozoic and Cainozoic deposits and formations;

  • Micro- and macro- description of core and drilling cuttings including photographic logs under the day and ultraviolet light;

  • Geological well services;

  • Studying of rock fracturing;

  • Analytical studies;

  • Studying of geological structures based on generalization and analyses of geological and geophysical data and discoveries of prospective oil and gas targets;

  • Development of designs for hydrocarbons exploration within the structures (geological and methodical parts); getting approvals from the governmental regulatory bodies;

  • Interpretation and reinterpretation of 2D, 3D seismic data of the past years taking into account drilling and logging data for the purpose of updating geological model of oil-and-gas potential areas;

  • Recommendations for oil and gas prospecting and exploration operations within the north and east margins of the Pre-Caspian depression;

  • Analysis of prepared and discovered local structures of pre-salt and post-salt complexes along the north and east margin of the Pre-Caspian depression for the purpose of evaluation of oil and gas potentials;

  • Delineation and studying of post-salt and pre-salt hydrocarbon traps based on seismostratigraphic analysis of geological and geophysical data of the past years;

  • Compiling the schematic geological models of the Pre-Caspian post-salt and pre-salt complexes.