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Geoplazma LLP Geological Scientific and Research Company provides scientific-production and laboratory-analytical services to subsoil users

Our specialists are very experienced in exploration, able to give an impartial estimations and predictive challenges for offered subsoil areas and thus show a potential subsoil user an optimum way in compliance with his plans and intents at the initial stage.

The company is prevailingly concentrated in the Aktyubinsk region having commercial reserves of titanium magnetite ores, potassium salts, iron and titanium-zirconia ores, bauxites, kaolinites, vermiculites, glass sands, diatomites and inferred reserves of molybdenum, copper, gold, manganese and other minerals.



Our company has the following subdivisions providing a wide range of services in the sphere of minerals prospecting, exploration and production:

Geology and Geophysics

Geoplazma LLP geologists rely on modern techniques of solid and widespread mineral deposits prospecting, involved in designing of prospecting and prospecting-appraisal works implementing required procedures for documents approval and expertise. Personnel experience and advanced material resources allow getting immediate and accurate data for studied reservoirs.










Ecological group

Geoplazma LLP represented by its ecological group deals with environmental design, renders a full range of environmental services to the companies and enterprises.

Owning an analytical laboratory gives an opportunity to assess an environmental condition of the designed facility considering all environment components such as air, water and soil at the commencement of operations.

While developing draft standards we conduct instrumental measurements at the sources of designed facilities within the period of contamination sources inventory.

The company's laboratory has an opportunity to define components of unknown composition of industrial wastes, e.g. industrial cuttings, waste fluids, for preparation of hazardous waste passports.

Forecasting of pollutants dispersion, calculation of mean annual concentrations, noise impact, risks for public health and calculation of greenhouse gases emmission by means of Era software, version 2.0. produced by Logos Plus Company.

Drilling Department

All drilling personnel proposed by Geoplazma LLP for implementation of the Customer's project, is very experienced in drilling operations conducted within the West Kazakhstan fields, both in drilling and operation of 1,500-6,400 m deep wells. Our specialists have a broad experience in cooperation in international projects.



Geoplazma LLP offers the following services in drilling:

Preparation for drilling operations:

  • Development of technical designs for deep oil and gas wells drilling and testing;

  • Development of technical specifications for drilling rigs and other equipment to be used for drilling;

  • Technical and commercial assessment of tender bids for supply of consumables and drilling and drilling - testing associated services;

  • Selection of drilling contractors;

  • Getting approvals for authorization documents from the RoK state regulatory bodies;

  • Development of organizational chart for drilling operations;

  • Development of schedules for drilling and consumables supply.


  • Management of drilling operations;

  • Control over safety compliance at the wellsites;

  • Coordination of contractors involved in drilling operations;

  • Control over consumables supply schedule compliance;

  • Analysis of economic efficiency of equipment, materials and methods;

  • Recommendations for efficiency increase and drilling costs decrease;

  • Routine reporting.

Laboratory and core storage facilities

Geoplazma LLP has its own testing laboratory accredited for compliance with GOST ISO/IEC 17025-2009. Laboratory is located in Aktobe city. Experienced and qualified personnel works in the laboratory. Geoplazma LLP conducts a wide range of analytical works including various types of chemical analysis, mineralogical, geochemical and petrographic studies, X-ray phase analyses, morphological analysis etc.

There are core grinding shop, core storage facility, samples storage facility within the territory of the laboratory. These facilities allow Geoplazma LLP to perform a full cylce of samples processing and analysis, starting from preparation of samples (grinding, milling, additional drying of wet and moisty samples, weightning etc.), following analytical studies and to storage of duplicates of samples, core and cuttings. Read more...


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